Redefining Perspective

Aside from writing this blog yesterday, I didn’t do much else. I didn’t make breakfast, take a run, go to work, or even read my book. However, I did manage to watch 3 movies (“Hesher,” “Sanctum,” and “The Big Year”). Needless to say it was a day completely given in to sloth:

At the end of the day as I crawled into bed I thought to myself, what a waste of a day (albeit they were all good movies). Perhaps, being lazy comes down to an issue of perspective. It’s extremely easy to get wrapped up in television, movies, or video games, but maybe that’s because we only have a first-person perspective. The whole point of Hollywood and video games is dopamine-filled escapism. Here is the funny thought, next time you are sitting on your couch, eating hummus (or whatever it is you eat), and watching television, take a moment to think of yourself from a 3rd person perspective; it’s a little sad. If I was writing a story, that part probably wouldn’t make the pages.

So, that’s my challenge to myself for this week. I’m going to “Truman Show” myself (Did he just use a movie reference to talk about not watching so many movies?!?).

Geez, this guy has just been sitting here for a half hour typing on his laptop…


A guy who has a blog…whose name is Jordan


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I just love life, experiencing it all, and it is definitely better with more people participating. Whether it's surfing, rock climbing, or exploring the forests, it's always better to share the magic.

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