When Your Kickstart Needs a Kickstart

The age of the internet has hit this great point where people no longer ALREADY have to have money to finance a great idea, but instead can use sites like Kickstarter to bring their idea to life. I’m a huge fan of Indie films because they represent the beauty of storytelling without the greedy placation of Hollywood to the younger crowds (use more explosions, Michael Bay, it’s making me forget that there isn’t 30 plot-holes in the script). Moving on, there is a movie that is trying to get financed right now called, “Cagney Cried,” which is about a New Yorker coming to Hollywood to “make it” through playing the role of James Cagney, aka “bad-ass gangster of black and white film” (see Public Enemy for verification).

I definitely think you should visit the Kickstarter page for Cagney Cried. What I love about Kickstarter is most of the people you are funding give back to you, anywhere from a signed copy of the Dvd to an Executive Producer credit (albeit that is a pledge of $5000). I’d really love to see this movie, even more than that I’d love to have checked “get an Executive Producer credit” off of my bucket list…maybe I should start a Kickstarter page to raise money to fund the $5000 pledge to become an Executive Producer.

That’s right, I should get a kickstarter page to fund my pledge to a Kickstarter page. I may have just broken the box.


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