Reading is for People Who Own Books

A Storm of Swords

I’m reading, quite a bit these days. The first of the two books I’m reading is “Storm of Swords” (the third book in George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones series). I’m completely hooked, to the point where my inner monologue argues, “why write anything when I could just read George R.R. Martin literature?” So, with this in mind I’ve decided to halt all writing projects and focus on life longevity science, and in the VERY unfortunate case, resurrection spells to ensure that he arrives at the end of the seven-part series which is still two books from being finished. Alternatively, if anyone reads this and knows Mr. Martin please let him know that if he fills me in on the ending I will be more than glad to make sure it stays secret and arrives at it’s completion. What else…? Oh, team Arya!

Extra Lives

The second book I’m reading is Tom Bissel’s “Extra Lives.” The book is a book on video game theory, criticism, and philosophy in life. Let me rephrase that just in case you missed it. It is NOT a book that criticizes video games, it is a book involving a deep look into video games and HOW we criticize and/or benefit from them. You are probably assuming at this point that being a fan of literature criticism, philosophy, and video games, that I am the only owner of this books. Well, I’m not. It’s gotten rave reviews and it really shows just how much of an art form video games are. So, if you are wondering why you’re sibling, significant other, or friends are all face-latched onto their computer screens in an escapist attempt to avoid physical activity, read this book and you might have a change of mind…or level up in Nerd-Speak.

Happy page-turning from that guy with a blog…whose name is also Jordan.


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