A Study of Mazes

Mazes, they come in all shapes and sizes: circles, squares, hearts…backs of cereal boxes. Have you ever really thought about how our minds automatically react to a maze in different situations? The term “maze” completely shifts depending on it’s structural components. I, of course, am speaking from my own strange psyche, but I think it’s relatable. On to the mazes!

Maze Type #1 (The Hedge Maze): When I see a maze that’s made of hedges I immediately get excited. The first thoughts that come to mind are English tea parties, a children’s game of hide-and-go-seek, songbirds, old stone benches with magnificent carvings, and Alice chasing after a white rabbit who is oddly preoccupied by a large time-piece. Even at night a hedge maze doesn’t seem frightening, it just becomes more romanticized with summer fireflys, lanterns, or a full moon.

Maze Type #2 (The Corn Maze): Not to be confused with “corn maize”…which makes tortillas and is awesome. Think about everything I just said about the hedge maze and then just replace the green foliage with long stalks of corn. Somehow, that small change turns the maze into a macabre nightmare. The tea parties turn to bloodbaths, the children playing turn to Children of the Corn, the songbirds become crows (acting as harbingers of whatever ghastly demon lurks around the next corner), the bench’s stone carvings become contorted scarecrows, and Alice chasing the white rabbit transforms into a guy dragging a machete along the ground as he stalks you…through the stalks. As far as the night time goes…well, it’s always night time in a corn maze (that’s just science).

Maze Type #3 (The Stone Maze): More commonly referred to as a “labryinth.” The golden rule of labryinths is that there is no exit, they just go on forever. When you are in a stone maze, you have a 100% chance of running into one of the following: a minotaur, bones of the minotaur’s last victim, or David Bowie.

So, I guess what this little writing experiment has taught me is that you should be very careful about choosing what type of material you use to build your own mazes (please apply metaphorically to your own life).


A guy who always starts at the end…whose name is also Jordan.


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I just love life, experiencing it all, and it is definitely better with more people participating. Whether it's surfing, rock climbing, or exploring the forests, it's always better to share the magic.

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