Lions And Tigers Got Nothing On Big Bear

So, I am taking off this morning to head up to Big Bear with my friend Shannon and her two children so they can finally see some snow. There are some things in life that have to be done right when being done for the first time. For instance, first time you go to the ocean you have to run straight into it, whether you are wearing pants or shorts makes no difference. So, since there are two kids, I’ve made a check-list for the snow:

1. Turn one of the kids into a snowball fight champion.

2. Make the other kid NEVER want to be in a snowball fight ever again.

3. Snow angels or snow valkyries (pending Norse religious beliefs).

4. Teach kids NOT to eat yellow snow even though it looks like a natural lemon Sno-Cone.

5. Avoid Whitewalkers (That’s another Game of Thrones reference).

6. Make hot coacoa.

7. Add mini marshmallows to hot coacoa…because this isn’t my first rodeo.

8. Build a snowman.

9. Destroy aforementioned snowman.

10. Break the world’s fastest snowmobile/sled record: (178mph)

11. Find a Yeti.

12. Befriend Yeti.

13. Do all of the above items with Yelutci…did I forget to mention that was the Yeti’s name? It means “quiet bear” in the Native American tongue…look it up.

So, that about wraps up the list for things to do on this trip. I think they are all pretty manageable.


A Yeti’s Best Friend…whose name is also Jordan


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About Jordan Carver

I just love life, experiencing it all, and it is definitely better with more people participating. Whether it's surfing, rock climbing, or exploring the forests, it's always better to share the magic.

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