Humpty Dumpty and his Adventures in Soju

This is the first weekend I haven’t gone out of Daejeon, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a great time. On Saturday, my co-worker threw a “Cinco De Mayo” party. Now, what makes a Cinco De Mayo party official is not the actual celebration of Mexico’s independence, but it is rather determined by the amount of booze consumed and the caliber of guacamole that said booze is consumed with. I’m happy to report that it was a “true” to the guidelines Cinco De Mayo party. So, cut ahead after the bar-hopping scenes. I make my way home a good four items lighter. Thus began my Sunday adventure which I like to refer to as:


Turns out I left a mug that I had bought at a store called Emart not to far from my house; completely forgot to put it in the bag. The second I walked in, some lady recognized me (it’s good to be one of the few bearded white men in the city) and handed it to me. Check. I then apparently had left my backpack in Gungdong at a bar. I took a taxi over to Gungdong, but had previously not explored the area too much. After a good hour of walking around I finally found the bar and the woman who owns it recognized me (no really, if you move here grow a beard), and handed me my backpack. Check. On the taxi ride back, I got out of the taxi on the block of my street and left my backpack in the taxi…Uncheck. I walked the 8 streets or so to get to my place when, as I’m walking into the building, I hear honking behind me. Re-check. Now all I’ve got to do is grab my sunglasses from my co-worker and thank “all the kings men…who were in fact actually able to help put me back together again.”


I’ve had a couple friends ask me now if it is tough to live overseas by yourself without knowing the language. Well, for me, it’s not all-together new to be overseas in another country for extended periods of time. However, I have noticed while I have been here, that a good 90% of the foreigners I’ve met here have a significant other that they either brought over with them or met here. Fear not, my friends back home who are worried for my potential loneliness! I have many friends here and a very talkative roommate. What? Did he just say roommate? I did indeed. Last week I decided that my place was too big for just myself and could use someone to grab groceries or cook before I get home for work. He is quite the the activist too, we talk a lot about trees:

I just call him “Lo” for short.

I was a little hesitant to grab a roommate at first, but I figured, “Hey, he is small, takes care of himself and others, is well-spoken, and we share an impeccable taste in facial hair.”


“Many times, I hark back to the old days. I miss you and your everything…”

This is my new flipbook for studying Korean. I chose it because it sounds like the idiotic jerk from the 80’s movie that the main character has to beat to get the girl.

Brick: “Baaaabe, you gonna go out with that butthead? He’s a total dweeb. Come on, you know you are going to the Prom with me anyway. That’s how it’s always been and will always be.”

Baaaabe: “You don’t even know why you like me, Brick! Just tell me one thing you like about me!”

Brick: “Uh, I dunno, why you gotta put me on the spot, baaaaabe. Many times, y’know, I like “hark” back to the old days. I miss you and your..uh…everything.”

In fact, even as I wrote that I felt like I had seen it somewhere. It’s just so perfect because, of course, the idiot jock wouldn’t use “hark” correctly. Let’s take a look at that sentence again, except we will just place the definition in instead:

“Many times, I listen attentively to the old days. I miss you and your everything…”

Sorry, I’m still laughing about that one. It reminds me that I need to use hark more often in my daily conversations.

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