Seoraksan in the Spring

A hike to the top of the mountain.

This weekend marked a very important person’s birthday: Buddha! To celebrate his birthday, my friends and I headed out to the beach in Sokcho and the mountains of Seoraksan. The mountainside was beautiful and there were great hikes in all directions. The only thing I was expecting to see the weekend was green scenery, clear water, and a view from the top. I got much more than that, I got a great amount of Konglish. So, without further ado (because I’m exhausted from the weekend), I present both pictures from Seoraksan, and Konglish from Seoraksan:

The Beach and Hiking:

Sunrise at the beach in Sokcho

Being a California boy, I tend to be in a constant state of beach withdrawals. Sokcho definitely was able to give me a fix for awhile. We grabbed some tents, some grub, and a frisbee to toss around. When it comes down to it, there aren’t many things in this world that beat a beach/sunset/fireworks combo…maybe lasertag/bouncehouse/high-fives…but barely.

You don’t win unless you get to the top

Once we got to the top, there were Korean hikers strewn about on a little ledge about a 100 ft below the top…nope, doesn’t count. We scrambled/bouldered our way up to the top with a malicious amount of wind and then shared congratulatory fist-pumps. As I stood atop the mountain I thought to myself, “This will make a good outpost for when I rule Korea as a benevolent, yet suspicious dictator (can those even go together?)

Konglish in the Mountains:

“Throw the Life Ring to rescue a drowning man.”

Next to the waterfall there is a life ring (just in case someone begins to drown in the 4 ft deep water). However, as you can see there are rules. Rule #1: You are only allowed to rescue A drowning man. Do not attempt to have two different people on the same life ring. We all saw Titanic, if there wasn’t enough room for Jack on top of that huge piece of wood, then a single life ring should definitely not be used for multiple drowners. Rule #2:  You are only allowed to resuce a drowning man. Do not try to attempt a drowning woman or child. If the life ring comes into contact with any bio-signatures that are not of a matured-XY nature then it will immediately sink. In some extreme cases, such as with little girls who are drowning, the life ring has been known to combust.

There are TWO exit lines?!?

As you can see, Geoff and I are extremely confused. There are clearly people on the left hand side who are exiting the mountains, but as even those of us who don’t read Korean can see that the left side is for elephants only. The most interesting part is that there ARE no elephants native to Korea, which can only mean one thing. With elephants quickly becoming one of the more affluent and dapper creatures in the animals kingdom, the Korean government is attempting to increase elephant-tourism through perks such as “elephant only exits” and restaurants where kid elephants eat for free. On the other hand, maybe I’m being ignorant and there really are elephants native to Korea…I’ll have to ask my student who knows about animal ecosystems and world economies.


A guy who is exhausted from hiking…who also has a blog.


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  1. Frank Carver says :

    Thanks Jordan. It is good to try to keep up with you. Keep enjoying Korea. Frank & Betty

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