Possession is 9/10 of the Law

9/10 computers get possessed by foreign spirits while living abroad.

Unfortunately, my new computer that I bought in October, has declared war on me. It is overheating and making firework-like colorful displays on the LCD screen. For about a month I tried to give it an ample amount of TLC (by way of slapping and punching various parts), but my professional computer repair skills didn’t pay off. Instead, I have taken it to a Korean “computer whisperer.” When I took it to the good people over at the HP Center, they rattled off something in Korean and then took the computer. I believe what they might have said was something along these lines:

“Sir, your computer has been possessed by an ancient, evil Korean spirit. This evil spirit begins by playfully messing up your vision via sending sporadic jolts of colorful lines through your LCD screen. Eventually the spirit turns to more malicious practices, such as shutting your screen off completely so you can’t watch ‘The Wire’ or play ‘Diablo 3’ during your much-needed weekend decompression time. We can exorcise the spirit from your computer, but it will take until Wednesday. For now, you can go about your life without a computer or you are free to stand there looking like you don’t understand a word I am saying. Do you understand anything I am saying? Kimchi? Dak Galbi? Hey Kim! Look at this white guy! He nods his head anytime I say a food item as if I am telling him about how his computer is broken. Bibimbap? What an idiot. Let’s charge him double.”

As you can see, I think this evil spirit should be out of my computer soon and then I’ll be back to normal life (having Konglish photos to post and such). Until I do have my collection of photos back, lets take a look at my previous source of insane signs and misplaced English: Japan.

Adventures in Konglish Nihonglish:

I wonder what they would call a 30% off sale.

From my recent posts I think it is safe to say that Korea is quickly becoming professionals at mistranslations. However, Japan has had that title for almost two decades now. As the sign says it’s a “Fuckin’ Sale: All 20% off.” We all know that sex sells, so why not just call the store “Fuckin’?” Oh wait, that IS what the store is called! Very funny Japan…is this your way of making sure I pay in cash so that the jeans I want to buy don’t end up making me look like a pervert on my credit card statement?  Nice try…

A guy working on a loaner computer…who also writes a blog



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One response to “Possession is 9/10 of the Law”

  1. Jillian Ford-Carver says :

    made me laugh, even in your trials…

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