They got Soul in Seoul

I remember when I was young. I’m not talking age here. I know 25 is still young, but I’m talking about pulling all-nighters and bouncing back the next day. I can still do it, but the bounce back part just keeps getting harder and harder. On Saturday night after work, my friend Kyle and I headed up to Seoul. The plan was drink in the park and listen to rock/jazz bands, get a second wind, drink on the rooftop of a nearby building, get a third wind, eat horrible food at Taco Bell, get a fourth wind, take the train home and pass out on Sunday morning. I feel like when I was 21 this kind of thing was easily accomplished…it’s getting tougher, much tougher. So, more practice? Perhaps. Anyway, as we were up in Seoul, I saw a good amount of things to post for today, and here they are:

“Where can we get some girls in this city?”

In a city like Seoul there are a ton of bars. This chain of bars is found in Hongdae and there are about 6 of them. Ya, that’s right, there are six of them in this part of the city. Because of its economic success, the Ho bar has completely out-competed and closed both “Whore Bar” and “Loose Women Bar.” I didn’t get a chance to look inside, but as a betting man, I would put money down that it’s just a bunch of dudes in there.

“What the monkey?”

I saw this one as I was in one of the restrooms at the park. As an English teacher you have an order of operations: 1) Teach basic English grammar and phrases, 2) Teach Conversational, Listening, and Reading skills, 3) Teach slang and dirty language because it sounds funny from a kid, 4) Realize that you should have NEVER taught them those words, 5) Teach the kids to censor their own dirty language with random words like a good Christian Baptist woman. I mean, maybe that isn’t the exact order, but what the monkey, it’s close enough.


“This Wild” Cigarette brand

I bought these cigarettes as I was walking through the park. I don’t smoke, but if I did, I think I would want a brand that let everyone know just how wild of a person I am. People are always asking me, “Jordan, how wild are you?” and I always say, “Oh, I’m pretty wild.” Then they always respond, “Ya, but how wild do your cigarettes say you are?” and then I lose street cred. Also, I read Game of Thrones twice (cause I’m a nerd like that) and have a real desire for my family to have a crest. Direwolves? No, I’m thinking a sigil of a white gorilla arm coming out of a crown with a cigarette between its fingers on a field of black. Ya, then they will know who should really be the king.

A guy who was gonna sign his blog, but what the monkey, I’m too tired…



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