Fried Chicken Anyone?

Fried Chicken is pretty huge here in Korea. In fact, it is so huge here that the word “Chicken” actually just means “Fried Chicken.” Now, perhaps because this is Korea and not the USA, you can get a way with a little more, but I’m pretty sure any USA-based Fried Chicken joint who had this sign up, might just get into a little bit of trouble:

This Fried Chicken comes with two sides: Hope and Unfulfilled Promises

I’d like to say that this Obama eating Fried Chicken is just in one fried chicken joint, but that would be a lie. In fact, Obama is in about 1/4 of the fried chicken restaurants I’ve been in so far, which is eight (so…2/8ths…math is awesome). As an American, if I saw this in America, I would be shocked and probably a little offended, but for now I’ll just say, “Oh, Korea…”  In fairness, Obama probably does love fried chicken. I mean, who DOESN’T love fried chicken (beside herbivores)?

The “How are you?” School Bus

Just about everyday on my walk to school I see this bus sitting next to the curb. Everyday it asks me the same question, as if it was the person passing by in the hallway that you barely know at school or work. So now, I’ve begun having quick conversations as I walk past. “Well, that depends, if this is just a formality then ‘I’m fine,’ but if you really want to know then ‘the milk in my refrigerator went bad this morning, and then my laundry machine fell over, and…” That’ll teach THAT insincere bus to ask me that question again. I’m hoping after a couple conversations like this the bus will change into the “Hello” Bus.


A guy who likes fried chicken and talks to busses…who also has a blog,




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I just love life, experiencing it all, and it is definitely better with more people participating. Whether it's surfing, rock climbing, or exploring the forests, it's always better to share the magic.

3 responses to “Fried Chicken Anyone?”

  1. Tory Seo says :

    Hi Jordan. Though I have lived in Daejoen for around 7 years, I saw president Obama advertizing fried chiken for the first time. Like your comments, I think this is possible since here is Korea. Conversely, using Korea presidents must be restricted. 🙂 Furthermore, the guy who painted Obama picture may say this is not Obama though he looks quite similar. haha.

  2. Tory Seo says :

    I have seen that how are you bus may times but I have not thought like you. Very funny situation it is in which you started conversation with bus. Despite several failures in the beginning, I strongly believe you will pull off in the long run. Thus, please don’t give up and speak more loudly next time for the bus to pay more attention to you. :-)Your deam msut come true.

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