Seoul-bound and Down

UMF stage. I’m somewhere up in the front.

Well, I have clearly been blog-absent for the last couple weeks. I apologize profusely for this gross injustice I have bestowed upon humanity. Between having a week off from teaching classes and my home country vacuuming up gold medals like cookie crumbs after a toddler gets their hands on a box of Chips-Ahoy! For a good part of my e-sabbatical I was in Seoul for the UMF (Ultra Music Festival); a collection of DJs including Carl Cox, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, and DJ Tiesto. It was pretty incredible. With a DJ line-up like this, there is a direct correlation between how awesome the show is and how much you sweat…and I sweated a whole lot. Overall, Skrillex was my favorite, he made me sweat the most.

In other news, I saw some pretty sweet stuff up in Seoul, here it is:

Water-front Parking: Women ONLY

I was walking down the remote Han riverside in city of Seoul and I noticed that there are these parking spots for women only. I honestly can’t decide if this is chivalrous of the government or entirely sexist. I just want to know how they monitor this. I mean, there are CCTV cameras all around…well, the entire country, but how can they enforce this. I mean, what’s to say a really unattractive woman with short hair doesn’t pull her Daewoo into this space and get ticketed for “illegal-gender-parking.” Inversely, what’s to say I don’t shave my bristled face and adorn myself in a sundress so that I can have river-front access? I’m guessing these parking spots use the “Korean Honor System” (KHS).

Street of Lovely Family and Lover

This street in Seoul is beautifully named for the very harmonious families that live on the block. However, just on the other side of town is where all the bad families live. That street has a sign identical to this that says, “Street of Crying Divorce and Shame.” The whole neighborhood is very divided, but the police have been able to keep the gangs around the “Street of Knife-Shivving and Violent Crime.” Listen up, America. Time to start naming our streets after the people that currently live on them, and if the neighborhood demographic changes…well, keep up Google Maps.

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One response to “Seoul-bound and Down”

  1. Tory says :

    Even if I had lived in Seoul for three years, I had never been there such as the street named Lovely family or something. Owing to your kind explanation, I looked around Seoul well. 🙂

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