A Korean Need For Amphetamines and My Personal Creepy Drug

It's important for a drug addict to stick to his guns.

It’s important for a drug addict to stick to his guns.

Though many people may come up to you and ask you, “Would you like to take some Marijuana, Heroin, or Acid?” There can only be one answer, and that answer is “no,” because a true “Speed addict insists only on Speed.” This man’s truck that I saw in Seoul very clearly states his dedication to amphetamine and nothing but ampetamines. Personally, I don’t do any of those drugs…I have my own addiction:

"You Know You Love It."

“You Know You Love It.”

Oh, Kraft macaroni and cheese, how I consume you in such a shameful and pitiful way. This is not the macaroni you order from a 5-star, 4-star…nay, not even a 3-star restaurant. This is the macaroni you eat at home by yourself…while you watch re-runs of Friends…in your baggiest underwear. The motto used to be “I Got the Blues,” referring to the color of the box in the picture. Recently, the motto has become “You know you love it,” which is what an old pick-up-truck-driving, redneck rapist mutters in a cliche way in almost every cabin-type thriller movie. “You know you want original cheesy flavor in your mouth. You know you wish you could skip my noodles and eat that unnaturally orange cheesy dust. Ya….you want it.” Well, enjoy that in your head every time you eat macaroni. You. Are. Welcome.

Cheese-loving foreigner with a blog,




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I just love life, experiencing it all, and it is definitely better with more people participating. Whether it's surfing, rock climbing, or exploring the forests, it's always better to share the magic.

4 responses to “A Korean Need For Amphetamines and My Personal Creepy Drug”

  1. zachandclem says :

    I’ve had it, was my most amazing American experience! It wasn’t much, but after ten spoons I was megafull. Mystery.

  2. Jillian Ford-Carver says :

    I’m guessing your sister’s Christmas package arrived?

  3. Jillian Ford-Carver says :

    BTW, Dad and I are working on our own “You Know You Love It” version (made without chemicals whose names I can’t pronounce).

  4. Wendy Schwenker says :

    I take care of two sisters and one will ask for this meal EVERY DAY. I try to talk her into the occasional can of spaghetti-O’s just for variety’s sake. Sometimes I win. The ugly truth is that I serve up their two bowls and then eat the leftovers straight out of the pan. It’s humiliating, as I consider myself a foodie. But I just can’t help it. I hope your readership isn’t too large (sorry Jordan), or that no one knows me.

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