My Students Might Be Trolling Me – Episode 3

Sometimes when you are a teacher, you come across a student who goes far out of his way to constantly troll you on a daily basis. In this aspect, I am blessed with many of this type of student. Whereas some people might say, “Well, aren’t your students Korean? Don’t they just get confused about English at times?” Well, yes, of course. But, ultimately, they know what they are doing, they know how to get a laugh, and even more, how to confuse me with Korean phrases translated into English that make some vaguely logical sense. Here is a couple of those stories:

This week, the students were given an essay topic: “What do you think are the characteristics of a good leader? What kind of leader would you want to follow? Please write a 5-paragraph Expository essay using specific details.” So, in our first writing class of the semester (also, this week), we decided to start brainstorming what makes a good leader: “Someone who has a loud voice,” “Someone who gives candy,” “Someone with a cool car”…wait, no…that’s an elementary school kidnapper. When I asked the students in my class what makes a good leader, one of my students shouted out “Coca Cola!”

I was confused at first, but he had on his “Student-Troll Face.” “Teacher, what makes a good liter?!” Yes, Coco Cola certainly does make a good liter…it also makes a good 48 ounce Big Gulp.
The next one was definitely my favorite. I definitely thought that the student was being racist at first, being that racist remarks are not so uncommon to hear from certain students. I asked one of the boys in my class, “What makes a good leader? Remember, since we have three body paragraphs you need to tell me three characteristics.” The student replied, “He must be rich, handsome, and have a chocolate body.”

“I’m sorry, what was that third one?” I asked, clearly confused. “Chocolate body,” he responded again. I wasn’t at this point entirely convinced that he was being racist, so I carefully approached the topic, “So [Student’s Name], does…America’s President have a…a chocolate body?” The student looked at me very confused, “Obama?” He even tilted his head a bit. “Yes, Obama. Does he have a chocolate body?” The student looked at me, once again confused, “I don’t know, I have not seen Obama without his shirt.” After a good amount of laughing and seeing my confusion, a student explained that “chocolate body” means “six-pack abs,” and that the way that they divide a chocolate bar into smaller bricks looks like a six-pack. I’m not sure why a leader would need a six-pack, but I think Obama probably does have a ripped “chocolate-body.”
Right now, I’m trying to work on the third one myself, I don’t think I will ever have the first one down,


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