Commas Are Important

One of the things that makes Korea a very difficult place to live in (for me), is the great lack of beer varieties that are present. Coming from the west coast of the United States, I was privileged with some of the best beer providers in the world (Stone, Sierra Nevada, Anderson Valley, Rogue, etc). So, living in Daejeon has been a great disappointment to my brew-clivities (That’s beer proclivities…you can use it). In an attempt to satiate our need for good beer from a tap, my friends and I took a train ride up to Seoul this weekend and visited the Taphouse in Itaewon.
First off, thank god for these two expats who have lived here for over a decade and decided, “If good beer isn’t going to come here for us, then we will drag it kicking and screaming into this country.” Not only does this beer-shrine for foreigners have good beer on tap, but it also has over 30 different kinds; truly a one-of-a-kind place in Korea. The food is a bit pricey, but the beer is not at the typical “You must sacrifice your first child on this alter” prices that usually come with foreign beers in this country (That is pretty much the highest praise for a business in Korea. You are welcome).
While we were there, we noticed that the two guys who own the place must have had someone else do their “Shooters” menu-stand:

Wait, what is in that?

Commas are pretty important. “Let’s see, what shots do we have: Kamikazes…Porn Star Sex with an Alligator Orgasm…wait, what?” That is a really long name for a shooter. If I remember from my brief stint in what hipsters call “mixology” (and the rest of the world calls bar-tending), I believe that would be a shot containing Blue Curacao liqueur, Sour Puss raspberry liqueur, Sweet and Sour mix, Midori melon liqueur, raspberry liqueur, Jagermeister, Amaretto liqueur, coffee liqueur, and Irish Cream liqueur…hmm, I think you could probably turn that into three delicious shots, rather than one shot that looks like a kid got behind the bar and decided he was going to make a “suicide” like he does at McDonald’s.
Just a Guy Who Enjoys His Beer,


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