My Students Might Be Trolling Me – Episode 4

As you all know by now, my students are really great at shocking me on a daily basis. The most recent of these hilarious assignments occurred when I asked my journalism class to bring in multiple articles from credible sources about a topic that I had given them. In this case, the topic was “primates.” Most of the students ignored the credible part of their assignment and just printed off the first few Google sites on the list, but one of the students went through Google News looking for a good article, here is what he turned in (Keep in mind that this student in 13):

Yup, A horny porn-addicted chimpanzee

Yup, A horny porn-addicted chimpanzee

I asked the student if he had read the article, and thankfully, he had not. He said he just printed it out (apparantly, sometime’s a student’s poor work ethic can work in a teacher’s favor). So, I told the student that the article was something he shouldn’t read and moved on with the class. In the chimp’s defense, who doesn’t like sex? Good on you, gal (That’s right, it’s a girl chimp).

In a different class, we were reading a story about a somewhat wealthy Northern states, African-American family that buys a gold cadillac (during the segregation period) and drives to Mississippi. The family runs into extreme racism from locals, other motorists, and police officers. In the story, the girls in the car see a sign that says, “Whites Only, Coloured not allowed.” I explained the time period to the children and about the ignorance of racism. One of the signs read, “No Negroes or Dogs Allowed.” I asked the students, “Why is this sign horrible? Why is it hurtful?” Here are the student responses:

1) I think the dogs will get hungry and maybe will starve.

2) Are they allowed to bring in cats?

Frustrated, I decided to take a different approach. I wrote on the board, “No Negroes Koreans or Dogs Allowed.” Immediately, a student raised his hand, “Teacher, that is really bad. Are you saying that Koreans and dogs are the same?” Yup, that got the job done. It just goes to show that the biggest difference between teens and adults is that teenagers completely lack empathy 90% of the time; they are just a bunch of horny chimpanzees.

Just a Primatologist Trying to Teach Tolerance,



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