Typical Korean Signs

The whole world is riddled with signs that tell us when to walk, when to stop, when the road might be icy, when the road will curve…which bathrooms we are allowed to go into (psssh, I thought segregation was over). However, Korea has shown me that the western world is definitely behind on appropriate signage. Here are a couple signs that have recently come across my desk:

"No Bugles Allowed!"

“No Bugles Allowed!”

It is very important to let people know when and where they are allowed to commit impromptu, unregulated fanfare. If Dinah is allowed to blow her horn wherever and whenever she pleases, how is anyone suppose to know when to work on the railroad? How will we know?! Now, keep in mind that this sign is only for people with bugles. That is to say, trumpets, tubas, saxophones…and…uh…sousaphones are all perfectly acceptable.

No excessive love-making please.

No excessive love-making please.

This one comes from my good friend, Kyle. First of all, take a look at the top of the photo and you will see that it is illegal in certain areas to wake up alarm clocks. Do not do it. If you alarm clock is in sleep mode, let it get a full 8-10 hours of sleep, and then wake up on its own time. Now onto the main dish. I feel like in America people have too much freedom. I mean, you are pretty much allowed to make love excessively anywhere you like…I mean, it’s not like there are any signs that say you can’t. However, as all lawyers know (and anyone who watches the law drama, Suits), almost every law has some sort of loophole that you can exploit: “Please refrain from making love excessively.” You are completely within the legal limit if said love-making is sweet, gentle, and is not excessively loud or long. So Korea, please continue your gentle, quiet, and timely public love-making. Rock on.

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