My Students Might Be Trolling Me – Episode 6

Today I bring you another episode of “My Students Might Be Trolling Me. As always, here are Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. In this episode the homework assignment was to learn about all the characteristics of a myth using the short story about King Gilgamesh, Do or Die. Some of these characteristics include topics such as “Gods and Goddesses,” “Supernatural Powers,” “Monsters,” “Natural Occurrences,” “Metamorphoses,” and “Cultural Values.” The first picture regards the “Metamorphoses” portion:

A wild transformation of Iraq takes place?

A wild transformation of Iraq takes place?

As you can see, after Gilgamesh kills the forest demon known as “Huwawa,” there is a magical transformation in which “Iraq take place.” As you may guess, Iraq is never once mentioned in this story. However, this student must have done some research in order to write these three words because Gilgamesh is an ancient Sumerian myth, which would place its origin in, what is now, the southern Iraq area. Well-played student, well-played. She must have meant that the entire Mesopotamian region goes under a wild metamorphoses in which it becomes modern-day Iraq. A+?

Wait, what was Gilgamesh's power?

Wait, what was Gilgamesh’s power?

This student used the best possible quote from the story that I could have hoped for, “‘Here!’ cried Gilgamesh, spread-eagling himself against the wall.” I can only imagine that the student believed that this meant that Gilgamesh had turned himself into an eagle (which I suppose should go under “Metamorphoses”). If spreading your limbs out in the X-position is really a super-power, then I would guess that there are a ton of skilled skydivers, figure skaters, dancers, gymnasts, and (Warning: lewd comment ahead) supernatural sexual savants who rival the power of the Great King Gilgamesh.

Just a Guy Who Likes to Read Spread-Eagle Epics,



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One response to “My Students Might Be Trolling Me – Episode 6”

  1. Bonnie says :

    aw man, my students loved that story! Gilgamesh: the strong crybaby!

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