My Students Might Be Trolling Me – Episode 7

Today I bring you another episode of “My Students Might Be Trolling Me. As always, here are Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6. In this week’s episode, I was gifted a wonderful essay response from my co-worker, Edward’s, class. The topic is, what would you like to be when you are older?

"The best way to honor anyone named Your Honor is to..."

“The best way to honor anyone named Your Honor is to…”

Ya, I mean, I have heard a ton of strange things that people want to be when they are older. My eldest brother is a legend around our house because he wanted to be “The Chicken-Noodle Man” when he was older. That, and to never have to eat zucchini. Myself, I wanted to be a ninja riding a velociraptor, but hey, sometimes life just doesn’t care what you want. This student doesn’t really have anything he wants to be when he is older, but he definitely knows that he wants to give a blow…big thank you to those serving in the Justice system. You gotta respect a kid, who really…and I mean REALLY loves the law. Is it weird that the part of this photo that I love the most is that Edward wrote “Indent” with an arrow on the first draft, and the student wrote “Indent” as the first word of his paper. THAT, is why vocabulary is the first and most important in learning a new language.

Side note: As I will be taking my show on the road in the short future, I am thinking about opening Adventures in Redefinition to other teachers here in Korea so we can keep the magic going. If you, or someone you know, would like to post, write a comment below and I will get you started.



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