My Students Might be Trolling Me- Episode 8

This is a submission from a student in our second most advanced class.  The assignment was topic was to write about what a fly that lived in your wall for a week would see.

funny outline cropped

This student seems to have independently invented existentialist poetry.

Being chased by a dog in the first day is a metaphor for the traumatic experiences of childhood and the ever-present Sword of Damocles which is adulthood.

Looking for food and almost dying on the second day is a commentary on starvation in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian sub-continent created by the empty material excess of the developed world.

The third and fourth days being merely “normal life” are the existential ennui we all experience in our safe-but-boring post-industrial lives as desk jockeys. Our lives are merely normal and nothing more.

The last two days being vacation symbolize the pointless prolonging of life which has come to define modern medicine. We force the elderly to live painful, tortured existences long after they should have died in a futile attempt to fight our own fear of mortality.

The end is, of course, death. For it is ever so.

Or a lazy student rushed an outline in about 30 seconds right before school. Could be either one.


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