Inappropriate Visual Aides, Vol I

I suppose the need to find hundreds of stock photos wears heavy on the soul.  Not every picture can be  a topical, helpful, visual representation of the lesson.  This series of posts will be about the many deeply inappropriate pictures used in the text books we teach from.  The following is from an article on the dangers of junk food and obesity.


This picture should erase any doubts that gingers are soulless monsters.  I am not sure what message this is supposed to send about overeating.  That high fructose corn syrup will rob your of your soul?  That junk food will turn you into a pastry vampire who must feed nightly on the jelly filling of virgin donuts?  Or perhaps that a little bit of wet nap goes a long ways.

Whatever the lesson, I cant stop staring into her eyes.  They penetrate my soul.



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