The Healthiest Kind of Juice

We have been traveling through Malaysia and Brunei for a couple weeks now, and the fruit is really incredible. I can’t get enough of the food here! There are so many different cultures that bring so many different types of dishes to the table (literally). Right now, we are staying in a small city called Tawau on the east side of Borneo. We are remodeling a hotel, and we are also living as cheaply as possible, but that doesn’t mean we skip on my delicious orange juice:  Click here to learn all about what is really in Sunkist here in Malaysia!


Have you ever filled up a glass with that sweet orange goodness and thought, “Man, this is great, but it is just missing something…I can’t put my finger on it.” Well, I can tell you what you are missing, you are missing out on “Juicy Sacs.” If you haven’t caught onto these juicy sacs, then you haven’t really lived. I mean, everyone I know here in Malaysia can’t stop talking about how much they love juicy sacs. Personally, I could go through like 50 juicy sacs in a day. Mmmm, juicy….sacs.

Welcome to Malaysia.



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