English – An Alphabetikal Overhaul

www.adventuresinredefinition.com: Let's get rid of the letter "c"!

This guy right here…I’m onto him.

After traveling for a short (or long) while, your ear starts to adapt and bekome familiar, either to the point of identifikation or to the point of understanding, with other languages. Having now been to 28 different kountries that speak various languages, intonations, and vokal sounds, I am finally starting to ask the biggest question that ever needs to be asked about English:

“Why the eff are we still using the letters ‘c’ and ‘x’?”

Really think about it. Tell you what, look up at the klok, take a full minute to think about a word that has a “x” in it, that couldn’t just as easily be replaced by writing “eks” or “z” (as in the kase of “xylophone”). Okay, got one, write a komment below and I will give you a virtual kookie. Alright, now take another minute to think about a single word that you need to use the letter “c” in (instead of the letter “k,” which makes the same sound). “Oh, see what he did there, he showed us that we need ‘c’ for when we use ‘ch’ together as shown above in ‘which’.” That a bunkh of bologna. If we really looked at it and read it how it should sound, we would say “wuh-hi-ke-huh,” but then we would sound like morons. I say we just start teakhing kids that “kh” makes the sound that we now identify as “ch.” We would only have 24 letters, a ton more words would sound like they are suppose to, and the already international language would become even easier for foreign kountries to pick up.

I mean, I have a great deal more to offer, “international” should be “internashional,” but I’ll try to stik with one battle at a time.


P.S. – Sorry if I left in any of those c’s or x’s in the post, my spellkhek hasn’t quite kaught on to the new linguistikal shift.


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I just love life, experiencing it all, and it is definitely better with more people participating. Whether it's surfing, rock climbing, or exploring the forests, it's always better to share the magic.

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