A Fresh New Look

As you may have noticed, Adventures in Redefinition has a whole new look. I’m attempting to make the website more easily navigated, and I decided to start with theme and widgets. Over the next couple days, I am hoping to figure out a few more things, but don’t worry you savvy little internet explorers, we will be right back after this commercial break.


“Are you tired of walking around the city and seeing the sites? Don’t know how to ride a bike, my friend? Don’t worry! We have Tuk-tuk for you today and tomorrow. We will take you on a blind death race through traffic, zig-zag in between large buses, and even might drive on the opposite side of the road. What’s that? Traffic lights? Whaaaaat are those? Hire a Tuk-tuk today to get wherever you want to go 15 minutes faster, and a little less alive.”

*For information on Tuk-tuk pick-up location please walk anywhere outside your hotel lobby and at least four will demand your attention immediately.


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About Jordan Carver

I just love life, experiencing it all, and it is definitely better with more people participating. Whether it's surfing, rock climbing, or exploring the forests, it's always better to share the magic.

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